second house first

  • Location: Winnipeg (CA), London (UK)
  • Year: 2013, 2014
  • Program: Research
  • Status: Completed
  • Team: Conrad Koslowsky, Scrap Marshall, Yannick Guillen, Lisa Stinner-Kun
  • Photography: Lisa Stinner-Kun, Studio Embla

‘Second House First’ explores the tension between two contrasting forms of domestic dwelling – the vernacular architecture of the cabin and the ubiquity of the suburban house – through an exploration of the cottages and cabins that surround the lakes of Manitoba.’

The exhibition presents a catalogue of ‘samples’ from cottages across Manitoba. Five cottages in the form of fragmented images and models are shown – isolated from their wilderness context – exposing the material use, misuse and reuse that forms these unique structures and compelling interiors. In ‘Second House First’ the cabin becomes a conceptual tool to explore and question the contemporary nature of our increasingly disaggregated and dispersed living environment.

The exhibition was exhibited in RAW gallery, Winnipeg and subsequently at the Architectural Association in London.

studio embla

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