salaria pavilion

  • Location: Copenhagen (DK)
  • Year: 2019
  • Program: Art fair competition
  • Status: Completed
  • Team: Cristina Roman Diaz
  • Photography: Studio Embla, Morten Bo Johansson
  • Sponsors: CHART, Realdania, Roskilde Reuse, Læsø Saltsyderi, N.H.Hansen, Rouge Oyster

SALARIA was designed and built for the 2019 CHART art fair in Copenhagen after being selected from a competition with the brief being ‘Materiality’.

We took inspiration from both salt’s physical qualities and cultural significance, considering the transitory and fragile qualities of this mineral’s structural makeup. The result, a sculptural materialization of the variables that orbit around salt and its history; the crunch of walking on a base of salt, its crystallization in hanging fishing nets, a structure inspired by traditional methods of net drying, all together framing salt in a new context.

The pavilion is created through a process spanning from home-made glue-lam beams put together from reused plywood from the Roskilde festival, excess road salt from the storage facilities of Copenhagen and discarded eel nets from the last remaining full-time fisherman in the South harbor of Copenhagen.

After the arts fair the pavilion was dismounted and will be reassembled in the near future in the forest of Camp Adventure, south of Copenhagen.

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