house on the lake

  • Location: Oudega (NL)
  • Program: Residential
  • Status: Completed
  • Team: Studio Nauta
  • Photography: Frank van der Salm, Studio Embla

Situated by a lake in the flat Frisian landscape, two simple volumes are arranged according to prevailing winds, key views, the path of the sun and the multiple scenarios of use the client desired. Designed to host several generations of family, friends and guests, the house is divided in two parts turned from each other, each with its own relationship to its surrounding landscape and views across the lake. House on the Lake encourages the various groups to use the house in individual privacy or together, with a rich variety of external spaces offering shade and shelter from the wind and rain.   

Overall, the house comes across as a whole, connected by and pivoting around, a centrally placed long low kitchen block with a fire at each end. The fireplace and the act of cooking becomes the literal elements that stitch together and define the social as well as functional center of the house.

studio embla

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