Concepts and representation

With a strong interest in the development of architectural concepts, theory and representation, this is an (ongoing) collection of works and representational methods developed by Studio Embla.


The model is a key instrument in our exploration of materiality, fabrication and spatial understanding. Throughout the years a number of methods and materials have been, and continue to be, tested for the various projects in the studio. Ceramics to cardboard, CNC cut and laser scored, glued, welded or magnetically joined, solid, transparent or backlit.

The exhibition models are made for the Architectural Association, London, in collaboration with Scrap Marshall.

Escaping Super Gravity

Thesis project from the Architectural Association, Diploma Unit 10, 2012.

The London experience is one of incredible density, almost all of it packed on street level with precious few opportunities to escape it. The project was thought up after 5 years of living in this nearsighted flatness and proposed a different urban and spatial approach, one where a piece of the dense ground was lifted, enabling an escape, but leaving the question; what happens in the new ‘underneath’? Escaping Super Gravity explored the conditions creating the term ‘Super Gravity’ and then went on to suggest a means of escape and imagine the consequences in an urban, architectural and direct scale.

The final section drawing of this project was awarded the Nicholas Pozner Prize.

The Virtual Square

Project from the Architectural Association, Diploma Unit 10, 2011

The Virtual Square aims to activate a derelict piece of central London by questioning the role of the backdrop. A stretch of Thames river water between 3 central London bridges has for legal, historical and political reasons become a non-space, a space only valid for a limited view and the occasional passing barge. Inspired by the complex conditions of control governing Trafalgar Square, the Virtual Square proposes to activate this forgotten space as a much needed political and urban free space, where images projected on a series of water screens would act as a backdrop for a wide range of activities. Architectural and urban interventions that ultimately leave the question; who controls the image. 

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